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How to Save a Struggling Relationship

              Every relationship in life has its ups and downs. Not all relationships go one smoothly without any misunderstanding or disturbance for long.

              The important factor is when you see the relationship taking a hard hit there are certain things that you can do which will undoubtedly help you improve the status of your relationship. Here is a list of few things that we have compiled that can help your relationship in the long and can also help you resolve your ongoing relationship issues.

1) Communication –

    Most of the misunderstandings in a relationship can be easily avoided if people just communicated properly with one another. People usually tend to bring in their views and impose them without giving the other person a chance even to speak and express their opinions, and this creates a rift between the established connection. Communication is a very powerful tool as it helps bring people together but used in a wrong way it can destroy years of relationship in a second.

2) Forgiveness and acceptance –

    Nobody in this world is perfect, and mistakes tend to happen. Whether they are done intentionally or committed accidentally the best thing a partner can do is forgive the other person. One minor lapse in judgment must not end up defining the person for their entire life. Accepting mistake is one of the least things a person can do in a relationship as it stops the fight from growing bigger and also stops creating negativity.

3) Surprising each other –

    One of the simplest things a person can do for their significant other is to surprise them whenever possible. The surprise can be as big as getting them a gift or even just getting up in the morning and cooking their favorite meal for them. This helps to keep the magic and spark alive in the relationship.


4) Remembering the reason for which you fell in love –

   When relationships take a turn and start heading downwards involving a lot of misunderstandings and doubts one can sit back and remember the good time they have shared with each other. Constantly remembering the reason why you fell in love with your partner in the first place will help bring back positive memories and this intern will help you resolve the misunderstanding between each other.

5) Setting up boundaries –

      While in a relationship there are certain boundaries that one is not supposed to cross under any circumstances. Setting up boundaries help maintain a peaceful relationship among partners. Relationships are a two-way process if you can set certain boundaries for your partner they can also do the same for you. Setting up boundaries help in avoiding mistakes in the near future as a person is aware of their partners likes and dislikes. This could also help improve the status of the relationship.